Growing from strength to strength

Since its incorporation on 22 June 1972, City-Lite Letrik Sdn Bhd has built its reputation as the trusted name in the market through its unwavering commitment to consistently deliver quality products and services, comprising design, procurement, project management and implementation.

From its humble beginnings, City-Lite Letrik Sdn Bhd had grown from strength to strength, establishing itself as one of the leading privately-owned electrical and mechanical service providers in the country.

Ever ready to meet the growing demands of electrical and mechanical engineering services, City-Lite Letrik Sdn Bhd has a team of trusted and experienced professionals, who provide reliable services, as well as strive to achieve one overarching goal – Timely execution of projects, delivered with the highest quality possible within specified standards and budget. Equipped with cutting-edge industry techniques, technologies and solutions, its engineers are able to tap into global trends to ensure that it is always at the forefront of its industry.

An unwavering commitment to excellence

An unwavering commitment to excellence

As a specialized Class 1 contractor, City-Lite Letrik Sdn Bhd has been involved in construction and infrastructure projects of various scales across Malaysia. Over the years, it has successfully fulfilled contracts for the construction of airports, highways, hotels, factories, ports, universities, hospitals, residential developments, office buildings and shopping malls.

Its most notable projects include The Federal Government Administrative Centre in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Desa Parkcity. The Intermark, National Cancer Institute, Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Manipal International University.

Striving for continuous improvement

Striving for continuous improvement

At City-Lite Letrik Sdn Bhd, its team of industry professionals strives for continuous improvement through developing and implementing innovative products and services, while keeping abreast of market needs and changes. City-Lite Letrik Sdn Bhd work effectively and closely with clients, consultants, designers, architects and other specialists in integrated teams to effectively utilise their combined expertise in each project from an early stage. Working with clients to develop the best solutions for their projects is part of City-Lite Letrik Sdn Bhd’s commitment to excellence.

A team of trusted and experienced professionals, who provide reliable and essential services

Since 1972, we painstakingly built our reputation as a leading privately-owned electrical and mechanical service provider.

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